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Renapur Leather Care 101 Uses

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101 Great Uses for the Renapur Leather Care Products

We know that the Renapur products come into their own when cleaning leather, when used as an effective waterproof leather solution and for restoring leather.

However, did you know Renapur Leather Balsam can bring your tired grey bumpers back to life?  Or if you're a keen fisherman, our Balsam keeps your fly line waterproofed and floating.

Over the years, some of our customers have found the Renapur leather care products come in useful for some more unusual uses.  

If you have an innovative idea for using the Renapur leather care products, send us in your story and if it gets published on our website, we'll send you a FREE pot of Renapur Leather Balsam and a FREE 250ml Renapur Leather Cleaner.

Simply send us your story by e-mail to attaching an image if possible.

Use Renapur on a kayak

Use No.1 - Use it on your Kayak!

Thanks to Kevin Mansell for this article

Always one for the soft touch as I walked around the London Boat Show I was convinced, along with a couple of companions, that I really needed some leather balsam for protecting my shoes. I parted with my £10.00 and walked on my way. Some time later, I stumbled across some fibre glass polish, now this was interesting as my 20 year old Nordkapp was starting to show its age. Whereas £10 seemed a huge amount, I was far more willing to part with £40 to protect my beloved sea kayak.

I returned home with two types of polish with the aim of writing a review of the one for fibre glass. I followed the instructions and sat back to review my handy work. With my hand on my heart I felt unable to write a review as I didn’t want you, dear reader, to make the same mistake as me and part with their hard earned cash.

Each week I did use the leather balsam on my shoes never realising that I held in my hand the key to restoring my kayak to some of its former glory. That is until Chris said, “Have you tried the shoe polish on your kayak?” Somewhat sceptically I applied the polish. It was quick and easy to do and the impact was amazing. Almost instantly, scratches appeared to disappear and the colours were restored.

Once the kayak was on the water the droplets glistened in the sunlight, it was just like paddling a new kayak. The great thing is that it only takes a matter of minutes to reapply the balsam, therefore it can be repeated on a regular basis ensuring that your precious kayak maintains its perfect looks. 

The product is “Renapur Leather Balsam”. Forget your shoes apply it to your kayak!

Use Renapur on your bumpers

Use No.2 - Use it on your bumpers

Mrs Wheeler from Kent

I'm amazed! We bought a 1990 VW camper a few months ago. There's not much wrong with it but it looked a bit tired both internally and externally. A good clean of the upholstery and some new cushions, a throw and a few personal bits and it felt more homely on the inside. A wipe over with a cloth to remove the dead bugs and bird pooh (we have a hosepipe ban down here in Kent) and the body work looked a little better but it still looked tired. Then I remembered your email and tried the Renapur! Brilliant. The tired grey trim came to life amazingly easily.

Use Renapur on your fly fishing line

Use No.3 - Use it on your Fly Fishing Line

Robert McCammon

I use Renapur leather balsam on my leather suite and find it very good indeed. I am also a keen fly fisherman and tried it on my fly line as I had run out of my normal treatment. Renapur balsam brought it up like new and kept it waterproof and floating. I will be using this on my fly line from now on.

Use Renapur on your stripped wooden doors

Use No.4 - Use it on stripped doors

Clare from Stafford

After painstakingly trying to burn-off the paint around my door-frames, with the intention of doing the same to the doors, I realised this was a task that I wished I hadn’t started. However, it was suggested that I take the doors to be dipped, to remove all the old paint as this would be far quicker, and it was!

I re-hung them and was initially pleased with their appearance. However, as they dried out over the next few weeks, the wood started to crack a little and salt-like, white marks began spoiling their look.

My Grandma always used beeswax on her furniture. I remember reading that your product contained beeswax, so I thought I’d give it a go on the doors. The result was fantastic. The doors went a lovely, deep colour, with all the grain showing through. Many people have commented on how nice they look.

Use Renapur on your dog leads

Use No.5 - Use Renapur on your dog collar and leads

Jacquie from Essex

With regards to the 101 uses for Renapur I would just like to say you have mentioned saddlery but forgot to mention leather dog leads and collars which is what I use my Renapur for - it is wonderful.

I have enclosed a photo with three of my dogs - just about to return from a morning walk.

Use Renapur on your UPVC Windows

Use No.6 - Use Renapur on your UPVC Windows

Thank you to Dave Walker for sending in this useful tip.

I use Renapur to restore the brown colour on my UPVC windows and door frames.  It's fantastic - just wipe the frames over with Renapur on a sponge and the transformation is instant. The results last for about 12 months before the sunlight makes them turn a bit white again.

A picture is attached showing during the cleaning.

Fantastic stuff!!

Use Renapur on your bronze sculptures

Use No.7 - Preserve your Bronze Sculptures

Thank you to John Stowe for this story - to claim your Renapur products, please get in touch.

My wife and I have a number of bronze sculptures in our garden - mainly of labrador dogs which we are mad about!!

I decided to try Renapur Balsam on them to preserve their new look and prevent them being affected by the weather.  We have been delighted with the results - they really gleam and the coating provided a water repellent. I have attached an example which clearly shows how Renapur has worked.

 The sculptor who made the bronzes has also seen the results.  He is so impressed he is recommending Renapur Balsam treatment of his pieces to customers.

 The process also works well on other sculptures we have made from recycled metal.

Use Renapur on your wooden gunstocks

Use No.8 - Use it on your wooden gunstocks

Thanks very much to Derek Willcox for this story

I have added another use to my Renapur portfolio! Simply wiping over the stock of my air rifle with the Balsam brings the walnut up beautifully.

However, I have also found that Renapur works really well with a technique favoured by gunstock finishers of prestigious shotguns and rifles. Palming or rubbing Renapur in with the ball of the hand to generate heat allows the stock to take on a bright, deep shine thanks to the beeswax. This is a very desirable finish!